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Tuesday, April 19: Jumping Worms - A New Invasive in Wisconsin

Location: Riveredge Nature Center from 7:00pm-8:30pm

All earthworms in Wisconsin are nonnative, and some are invasive and can cause problems especially in northern forests. In 2013 the WDNR identified the first population of jumping worms which pose a new threat and have now been reported in 22 WI counties. We are just beginning to understand their lifecycle and means of spread, so please join WDNR invasive species specialist Kelly Kearns to learn how to recognize them and look for signs of their presence to prevent their spread.


Tuesday,April 26: Starry Stonewort - A Case Study Using Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting on Silver Lake

Location: Lac Lawrann Conservancy from 7:00pm-8:30pm

Starry Stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa) is an invasive plant-like algae that was discovered in Wisconsin in 2014. This presentation will focus on the steps taken over the past year in response to this new aquatic invader to WI waters. Brad Steckart, the Washington County Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator will outline the short history of the algae as well as actions taken to delimit the population in WI. Silver Lake in Washington Cunty has effectively employed a newer management technique, Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH), with the partnership of WI-DNR, Washington County, Silver Lake PRD, and Eco Waterway Services. He will discuss the DASH process as well as future monitoring efforts and implications.

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